Reckless Youth
Reckless Youth

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- Punks and Nerds - Mike is cheering along with the other partygoers at the College Frat Party! 16-04-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Mongo is hulking his way in the background of one of the circles of hell! 21-05-2005
- Anywhere But Here - Being the reaper is just a job, but Death knows how the other opportunities are! 27-05-2005
- Many Tidings Grim - Deadhead whines too much, and so he goes up in flames! 27-05-2005
- Darken - And Gort turns up the volume in hell! 31-05-2005
- Hellbound - Looks like Mel had a job as errand-devil when she was in hell! 07-06-2005
- Insanity for the Poor - Looks like Doomy did a bad job at manning the gates of hell! 10-06-2005
- Rawk Out Comics - Claude is very concentrated when he reads his latest issue of The Masked Monkey! 17-09-2006
- Oops, Nevermind - M.D. is lurking around in the background... luckily, as terror strikes! 24-10-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - One of the speeches at Godzilla's funeral is given by Angry D. Monkey himself! 28-11-2006
- Cosmic Dash - You didn't know that Dash was one of the An.. Chums created by God, didn't you?! 08-04-2008
- Angry D. Monkey - In this world, Ton is one of the Watcher-Chums who oversee the world of mortals! 11-04-2008
- Aldus Maycombe - As one of the more strange ones, Roald also seems to have been a Chum! 18-04-2008
- Cat - One can wonder... has Bosley been sneaking into heaven, or has he also been made as a Chum? 18-04-2008
- Elvenbaath - Originally Claude of Elvenbaath just wanted soup, but now he got Hell! 08-07-2008
- Parallel Dementia - When looking at the Claudes, Captain Claude from Parallel Dementia is THE badass! 08-07-2008
- Angry D. Monkey - A real politician, Youthenasia Minister Claudio from ADM is all smile and sunshine! 08-07-2008
- Darken - Just a soldier, Claude from Darken is not his best against demons or science! 08-07-2008
- Emergency Exit - Waving his cutlass First Mate Pirate Claude from EE is ready to do battle! 08-07-2008
- Burgundy Comics, INC: - Is this enough to make Hockey Manager Claude from Burgundy outraged? 08-07-2008

Reckless Youth cameos/references can be found in:
- Emergency Exit - Aaaaaaar! The First Mate of the ship is none other than alternate Claude! 14-06-2005
- Emergency Exit - The alternate Claude and Joey pirates are getting the beating of their lifetimes! 16-06-2005
- Emergency Exit - Robby, Morgan and Homer try giving it as bloodthirsty pirates! 22-06-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - To keep with the name-theme, Ton has chosen to dress up as Pom! 21-10-2005
- Smaller World - Looks like Joe Jenson has found a toy just to his liking! 16-04-2006
- Anywhere But Here - And the secret partner on the line turns out to be none other than RY's Joey! 03-07-2006
- Aldus Maycombe - Outdecked in full fashion, Matt is among the crowd at the station! 19-07-2006
- Alternate Delusions - Green Lantern Recruit Pom appears to deny any knowledge of the assault! 26-09-2006
- JunkRIOT - Rick has decked himself out as Joey as a Halloween costume! 31-10-2006
- Angry D. Monkey - Looks like Pom has allready managed to piss off one of the other guests at the party! 17-11-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Little did Pom know, that the EO's was keeping an eye on him and RY! 12-02-2007
- Dissent - God seems to have taken the day off and gone out in town to play some cards and have fun! 06-04-2007
- Project A.D.A.M. - Irate John seems especially obset over the loss of his flamingos! 10-05-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Homer is doing his best against the fighting droid forces of the EOU! 27-09-2007
- Parallel Dementia - Taking up much of the space at the bar, Sean enjoys a quiet beer! 09-11-2007
- Parallel Dementia - Once upon a time, Comedi was part of war between Heaven and what became Hell! 02-05-2008
- The Volet - It's always handy to have a Messiah around, even if its just Claude for the punching! 22-12-2008
- The Wacky Adventures of Lunar and Kirk - A very inventive use of a costume, D does a good Pom! 31-10-2009
- CameoComic - When Claude went to Hell, Scale kept an eye on him through her strips on the wall! 14-06-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Shellshocked Comics - Gray and timestopped in the background, we recognize the features of Crossfire! 19-07-2005
- Elvenbaath - As the green-haired member of the Sky Police, TdotOdot2k flies in to attack the monster! 19-02-2006
- I'm Always Right - The screaming Goth-Zombie is none other than former Aaron Freed! 14-03-2006
- Just an Escape - Close up in the fist panel we fine Goth Zombified Kirb attacking with the masses! 09-04-2006
- Ready or Not - Rock is caught flat on TV while he is busy brushing his teeth! 26-09-2006
- Playing With Knives - Human Vorticus stands ready to serve his Messiah should he need anything! 06-10-2006
- Gremlins//Toxic Takeover - RA isn't exactly thrilled about being just another page in Claude's diary! 17-10-2006
- Alternate Delusions - Wearing his black Claude-shirt, Tim has shown up to listen to the Messiah! 24-10-2006
- Cortland - Cortland looks angry and ready to get out of there after Claude's dizzing comment! 15-11-2006
- Project A.D.A.M. - Leaving with the last of the worhshippers, the Mortician turns his back to Claude! 15-11-2006
- Go For It! - None other than Neko gives the first speech at the funeral of the mighty Godzilla! 28-11-2006
- Parallel Dementia - Perhaps guard 834n should stop listen to his ipod and actually pay attention? 27-01-2007
- Beyond Reality - Orion is the guard that gets the honor of being hit by the Bean-turned-weapon! 10-02-2007
- Just Another Escape - Aah... come on Kirb! Isn't it fun working under such premium conditions? 25-03-2007
- Star Bored - In the most confusing prison breakout to date, Mr. Bob makes a strike for the day! 06-05-2007
- Mooman Adventures - Caught up in the confusion around the prison break, Mooman carries along! 06-05-2007
- Pointless - The prisonbreak of the century is at hand, and it sweeps Derenge up in it! 13-05-2007
- Swords are Cool - It takes a man to survive a prison breakout, but so far Brock manages! 13-05-2007
- 8:1 - The all time greatest and most chaotic prisonbreak has swept up Yeahduff! 13-05-2007
- Deity Permit - As one of the Chosen Chums, Soap Committee flies out to do Gods work! 08-04-2008
- Peacekeepers - As a Guardian Chum, War is pretty effective in protecting his mortals! 11-04-2008
- Noggin - I bet you didn't know it was Lag, as a Chum, who adviced Jesus back in those days? 11-04-2008
- Darken - Looks like Komiyan at one point also was one of the Godsend Ang... Chums! 29-04-2008

Claude TC cameos/references:
- Darken - Claude wasn't careful enough and paid for it in the bushes! 24-06-2005
- Pointless - Claude is the lucky SOB who gets an armful of Cam! 19-08-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Even letting his hair down, Claude still has a great view from the balcony! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Claudio, the helpful Minister of Youthenasia, shouldn't by any chance be... Claude? 25-11-2005
- Burgundy Comics, INC - The Manager for the Anchorage Slinkys Hockey team is... Claude!" 15-03-2006
- Cortland - Claude seems pretty eager to have the duo making a review of his comis! 31-03-2006
- Role of the Die - RYCLade is truly outraged about being in the middle of the Con's crowd! 10-05-2006
- Emergency Exit - Grumpy British Claude is outraged at the convention, but he brought Rob-Bot along! 26-06-2006
- Elvenbaath - Claude isn't bothered by the Naga... but he might be about the spoon up his nose! 03-07-2006
- Parallel Dementia - The cynical L.E-officer is our very own Claude trying out a new job! 04-10-2006
- The Volet - Yes, when Claude does his "thing", stay away from the windows... at 4th floor! 24-11-2006
- I'm Always Right - Well, got to agree with Claude... it DOES look a litte like Hitler from here! 18-12-2006
- Elf Only Inn - Looks like Claude has made his avatar to game the Marauders of Gaia! 24-01-2007

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