Red String
Red String

- None recorded

- None recorded

Red String cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devil's Panties - Reika and Miharu really knows how to use yuri to lure the boys to some yaoi! 09-03-2011

Gina Biggs cameos/references:
- The Devil's Panties - The nerve of some customers Gina has to put up with af DragonCon! 11-09-2008
- The Devil's Panties - Jennie arrives at Gina's place... if she just can find the huddled up Gina beneath the blankets! 21-11-2008
- The Devil's Panties - Gina Briggs, Pregnant Artist Extraordinaire... and extended host to Jennie for a time! 11-09-2011

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