Road Waffles
Road Waffles

- None recorded

- Homestar Runner - It's a pop culture reference all right! It's... Moses as Strong Bad! 23-07-2003
- Superosity - Boardie has been upgraded! Now he can be know as... Skateboardie! 23-07-2003
- Stubble - Moses has a runin with Clint, him staying for an extended visit and much philosophy! 25-07-2003
- Punks and Nerds - Brad & Jade indeed look like a happy couple...walking hand in hand! 12-01-2006
- 8:1 - While somebody have trouble deciding, Mary & Charles walk quietly around, enjoying the day! 12-01-2006
- Questionable Content - Faye and Martin are out for a quiet little stroll in the neighbourhood! 12-01-2006

Road Waffles cameos/references can be found in:
- Real Life - Nope, no psychos here, just a couple of Road Waffles... not bettering the situation I'll say! 07-01-2000
- Joe Average - What Merv thinks about Joe Harris can be put in one single word! 30-08-2000
- Melonpool The Cat is going cross-country, and guess who pics it up? 02-12-2000
- Snail Dust - The Principal doesn't look to happy seeing Ondine wearing her Road Waffles shirt! 31-01-2001
- Goodbye Cruel World - Even though GCW tries to get rid of Road Waffles, the speechballoons save! 08-02-2001
- Stubble - Clint has a final meeting with Moses, catching up from here and with later events! 14-11-2006

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