Rob and Elliot
Rob and Elliot

- None recorded

- It's Walky! - "Roomies" is about learning, and if you don't learn anything... disaster will come! Gueststrip16-10-2006
- Joe and Monkey - When robots go crazy, both Joe and Monkey are suddenly a target! Gueststrip17-10-2006
- Beaver & Steve - Steve looks puzzles as to how the robot sudddenly starts going mad at him! Gueststrip17-10-2006
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Thanatos discovers that a robot set to killmode is a hard hitter! Gueststrip17-10-2006

Rob and Elliot cameos/references can be found in:
- Nothing Special - To the top left among the spectators, we can barely see Rob and Elliot! 06-05-2005
- Nothing Special - It's not like anything could prevent Rob and Elliot from being there at the end! 16-05-2005
- Lethal Doses - Even at a friendly homecoming party, Rob is quick to get out of the way of trouble! 24-06-2005
- Soap - R&E's robot is a testament to the fact that most robots in partnerships are Evil! 23-01-2006
- Rebound - Rob hangs around in the Halloween Caper Saloon, celebrating this time of the year! 31-10-2006

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