The Rock Cocks
The Rock Cocks
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- None recorded

- Cassiopeia Quinn - Looks like the Limo-Tv has been tuned in on the hottest Sci-Fi show on Earth, the Cassiopeia Quinn Show! 13-10-2015

The Rock Cocks cameos/references can be found in:
- Banana Cream Cake - The Rocks Cocks are playing live tonight, so prepare for the crowd to go wild! MA content warning!11-08-2016
- Roll to Save - Looks like both Steg and Suria have shown up to partake in the Battle Against Bigotry band stand! 21-10-2018
- Cassiopeia Quinn - When Mr. Farring needs to dress up again after a fight he does so with an official Rock Cocks T-shirt! MA content warning!25-08-2020

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