A Roll of the Dice
A Roll of the Dice


- The Compozerz - Say, do that happen to be Feliz and Connie we see in the background of the mall there? 07-07-2008

A Roll of the Dice cameos/references can be found in:
- Antcomics - In amazement and shock, Jared watches Jerry consume his jar of gummi worms! 18-02-2008
- Frank and Vinny - Now look who has put his mark on the plans for world domination! 21-03-2008
- Antcomics - Jared poses for the camera for this huge crowd of people celebrating 100 strips of Antcomics! 28-07-2008
- City of Weirdos - Looks like Jared was visiting the bank and got charmed by Lucky during his heist! 26-11-2008

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