Roll to Save
Roll to Save

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- Leftover Soup - Cheryl comes to John's assistance, though I think he would rather have avoided it...! 31-12-2015
- Leftover Soup - Could it by any chance be Max John is talking to over the phone? The kittens say yes! 15-01-2017
- Leftover Soup - Finding a set of Half-Orc quadruplets for henchmen... been borrowing notes from Gina, eh?! 12-03-2017
- Leftover Soup - Wonder who that skilled food connoisseur can be? He can really learn John how to use leftover soup! 07-05-2017
- Leftover Soup - John has a friend he can turn to for a storyline when he needs it, and that friend is Max.. and the Leftover Soup crew! 14-01-2018
- The Rock Cocks - Looks like both Steg and Suria have shown up to partake in the Battle Against Bigotry band stand! 21-10-2018
- Leftover Soup - Cheryl stops by in the mall to offer a little advice to the Mall's security department and have a coffee with John! 02-12-2018

Roll to Save cameos/references can be found in:
- Leftover Soup - John should know it by now... if there's annoyances at the mall, just seek out Max to stop most of them! Strip 0854

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