- None recorded

- Trip Across the Multiverse - Somebody has made a doodle of Trip and put it up on the hallway tackboard! 21-09-2018
- Long Shot - James, lost in thoughts, bumps into the imposing Krisle... who fortunately is in the wrong story! 23-01-2019
- Rocky the Rock - Rocky the Rock is among the spectators assembled to watch the heated argument! 18-04-2019
- Trash Head Talks - The argument didn't seem to impress Trash Head that much, though he stopped to watch it! 18-04-2019
- Mellisa and Julianna - This argument has assembled a group of spectators, and Sonia is among them! 18-04-2019
- Millionscape - Hideo Tanaka apparently just had to stop and watch this epic argument unfold! 18-04-2019
- I Hate You - Momo is jail, and only by supporting Royal will you be able to get him released! 22-05-2019
- Small Problem - When you need a hero to you from the curse of Tapastic, you get... Aaron! 28-05-2019

Royal cameos/references can be found in:
- The Guide to a Healthy Relationship - JR Royal also hangs out in this nice dinner where the cast meets! 28-05-2018
- Me and Myselfs - Lana Jolley gets a shield up against Raylie's attack, but thats not enough in the end! 25-06-2018
- Small Problem - Junior Royal stops by to see Aaron making a fool out of himself! 11-09-2018
- Underworld Engine - James Junior Royal is almost run over as the angerstricken Zima barges through the train! 25-01-2019
- I Hate You - In the school yard we spot both Junior and Oliver Royal hanging out! 23-03-2019
- Revenants and the Child of Autumn - In the foodsection of the market none other than Oliver Royal is walking around! 07-04-2019
- Revenants and the Child of Autumn - Looks like Junior Royal find the right place to get some good eating at the market! 21-04-2019
- Trash Head Talks - Junior has been invited to Trash Head's apartment to help him brighten up! 12-05-2019
- The Shufflers - Looks like Junior James Royal has lined up to visit the tent of Cartmancy! 07-10-2019
- Hue Are You? - Build-a starts the movie-lineup by going in and watching "Royal"! 11-10-2019

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- I Hate You - Lucazu seems to have found interest in watching the argument... along with all the other spectators! 18-04-2019

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