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- Adventurers! - Two unlikely, and yet much alike, groups of heroes meet at the inn! Starting 11-06-2001

- Adventurers! - In the streets of "Cameotown", we find Ardam sulking around! 14-01-2001
- Sporkman - Sporkman looks pretty menazing and bullying as he stands in the street! 14-01-2001
- You Damn Kid - The Kid seems to be one of the people just passing by in the city where Hero grew up! 14-01-2001
- Lizard - In the town that could be named "Cameotown", we spot none other than Lizard passing by! 14-01-2001
- Joe Average - Hey! Is that Joe we see hanging out in the street during Hero's flashback? 14-01-2001
- Life on Forbez - Par seems to have stopped by in the town where people are just passing through! 14-01-2001
- Something Positive - It got to be Mr. Rippy who did show up in Hero's flashback! 14-01-2001
- Wendy - Wendy takes a brisk walk through the streets of the city where Hero grew up! 14-01-2001
- Stubble - What better way to defeat a monster than summoning a specific Angst-Filled Teen? 12-08-2001
- Adventurers! - Khrima is walking the hallway of the University of Evil... looking for his classroom? 13-09-2002

RPG World cameos/references can be found in:
- Chaos Inc. - Galgarion is obviously taking pleasure in being a member of the jury of villains! 20-01-2001
- Spoon on High - Hero sabotaging Speedracer's car so he himself can win the race? 01-03-2001
- The Bad Boys of Computer Science - "*Sigh* Times are tough." Now where have we heard that before? 07-04-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Diana is not a real harlot? Such information must be confirmed face to... face? 20-05-2001
- Adventurers! - Hero qualifies as a long-haired hero... and he even brought Cherry with him! 19-10-2001
- Something Positive - Now that's a very inventive idea... RPG World beanies! 07-02-2002
- Something Positive - I'm sorry to say it, but RPG World D20 is on back order according to the sign! 14-04-2002
- FusionD - In the first tube we find none other that Detestai, the semi-catgirl! 28-04-2002
- The DOOM Army - When famous worldsaving heroes meet at a random inn, Hero is among them! 30-05-2002
- Something Positive - Say... thas store had RPG actionfigures! Anyone got the address? 10-06-2002
- Mac Hall - Micah and Helen did Heo and Cherry for Halloween... Helen best of them! 01-11-2002
- Once Upon a Table - Yes, its a sign of the times, and times ARE tough... take it from an expert! 21-11-2002
- Treasure Hunters - Cherry seems to be sitting alone, but it COULD be Hero's hair behind Silver! 31-12-2002
- Treasure Hunters - Diana might have been a Ho, but now she can fry people for those comments! 06-01-2003
- Treasure Hunters - Reka did get a lot of work done in the classes back then... though not class-related! 15-02-2003
- Slackers - There's not much doubt abouit it being Cherry out to the righ on the benches! 06-03-2003
- Something Positive - So this is where you can get RPG World action figures? Cool! 29-03-2003
- Sharing a Universe - Cherry is optimistic, but Dragobo has already... written the facts, they are lost!! 29-04-2003
- Treasure Hunters - A huge picture of a menacing Galgarion adorns much of the wall! 29-04-2003
- Once Upon a Table - What would be worst? Comply with the laws of physics or turning into RPG World? 10-07-2003
- Dominic Deegan - A row of added spines, and Spark does his best to be Dragobo for Halloween! 31-10-2003
- The Nameless Story - "*Sigh* Times are tough.".. Now, where have we heard that one before? 18-12-2003
- TwoKinds - Hero and Diana are doing some sightseeing in the background! 02-01-2004
- The Nameless Story - So... Galgarion thinks Gammy's spell is a Kamikaze spell? Let's see about that! 22-02-2004
- Insanity Please - Hero seems to be a little bit surprised as to why he's called for camoing? 15-05-2004
- Slackers - Translating RPG World can be a pain in the ass... or not, depending on your... skills! 28-09-2004
- Candi - Candi follows the adventures of the unlikely heroes! 03-01-2005
- Adventurers - Galgarion must have studied at the Evil University, watch him watch a duel! #210
- Candi - Cherry is getting a lecture on the IPod's power to take over the planet! 09-05-2005
- Gnerds2000 - What would happen if RPG World merged with Tetris? Perhaps this! 31-05-2005
- Oops, Nevermind - Roth has taken a liking to wearing an official RPG World T-Shirt! 06-07-2005
- Kismetropolis - Hero also seems to be questing, so.. he must be an opponent! 14-10-2005
- Oops, Nevermind - It must have been washing day, Roth has his RPG World T-Shirt on again! 30-12-2005
- Adventurers - Indeed Karn was a hero, but since the name of Hero was already taken...! 21-08-2006
- Evil Overlords United - Cherry's reading habits are carefully being monitored by the Evil Overlords! 26-06-2007
- The Order of the Stick - So, now the old women have also discovered that the times are tough... *sigh*! Strip 0213

Ian Jones-Quartey (Ian J.) cameos/references:
- Framed - Ian J. enters Framed... to have a little word with Damonk about his characters escape! 20-08-2001
- FusionD - Ian J. doesn't look too happy about being in this backwater area of the city! 26-09-2001
- Something Positive - Ian finds himself, to his horror, surrounded by catgirls! 19-01-2004

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