Salt the Holly
Salt the Holly

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- Morphic - Colin works at the insurance company and he just paid the girls the money they are due! 10-04-2008
- The Devon Legacy - Fenny has obviously taken a job as a Salesgirl, selling the girls their dresses! 15-04-2008
- The Chronicles of Wyrden -To think, Kalon Rhadon gets a cameo just so Amanda can steal his headband! 06-05-2008
- Surfboards and RayGuns - A giant painting of happy Wizer adorns the wall in the hall! 06-05-2008
- Crossing Death - The painting of Brickton "Brick" Obren is stolen and returned in one strip! 08-05-2008
- Used Books - When scared by another guest, Yuki spills her drink from the shock! 13-05-2008
- Rival Angels - Sun is having her fun at the art-exhibition, scaring the hell out of other guests! 13-05-2008
- Allan - After the wine has been spilled, Allan is send in to clear up the mess! 13-05-2008
- Cricket's Creature - Looks like a life-size statue of Creature has become part of the art-exhibition! 13-05-2008
- Engine - One thing to do at the exhibition, is admiring the painting of Ryudo's Master! 15-05-2008
- Posted - After his latest diet, Beaufort ended up at a museum... and loved it! 15-05-2008
- Nadya - Nadya seems delighted to be able to touch the all loveable dinosaur skeleton! 15-05-2008
- Goosetown and Lunch Break - The neon silhouette of Goosetown has become a piece of art! 15-05-2008
- Morph Man: Heir - Kevyn hangs out in the garden at the gallery, enjoying drink and "conversation"! 15-05-2008
- Due East - Both Doug and Crystal are visiting the museum, even meeting the natives! 29-05-2008
- Cuttley Bear - A small idol depicting Cuttley has become a part of the museum's exhibition! 29-05-2008
- Grin-N-Spirit - Levon has taken time off to visit the museum's exhibition, scaring ghosts at the same time! 03-06-2008
- How Unfortunate - Steve gets the glare that tells him it might be time to be gallant for once! 05-06-2008
- Protostar - A real magnificient poster featuring Protostar hangs behind the bar! 15-07-2008
- Crossing Death - So the the Stuff Store has started to sell Bubblecap Nectar? How nice! 15-07-2008
- Better Luck Next Time - One of the paintings you can hardly see happens to be of Rayne Atwater! 12-08-2008
- 2nd Shift - Az, KC, and Zoe break through! Zombies they are, hunting for brains in the Mall! Archived locally24-10-2008
- Crossing Death - When Zombies invade the Mall, Aeren goes there to do some Re-Deadinatoring! Archived locally27-10-2008
- The Chronicles of Wyrden - Zombie Keys Leyland went for his prey but got blasted down in midair! Archived locally27-10-2008
- Lady Doom - Zombie Camisado went to the Mall with her Undead brethren but got beaten up for good! Archived locally27-10-2008
- Off the Grid - Zombie Mitch staggers aim(arm)lessly forward in his search for victims and brains! Archived locally29-10-2008
- Gold - Oren should perhaps have paid more attention to sports, he just got golfed as a Zombie! Archived locally29-10-2008
- Kuro Shouri - Kenkaku Hisaki is one tough Zombie! Not even the Spatula of Doom can bring him down! Archived locally29-10-2008
- Used Books - If anyone missed Kaida, she was just hanging out as bartender in the Ugly Coconut! 12-03-2009
- The Temple of a Thousand Tears - Daisy is doing her boxing training with her Hikari punching bag! 09-07-2009
- Cricket's Creature - Cricket's Creature Coffee serves the best for when Cade and Daisy visit! 09-07-2009
- Rival Angels - Doing her sword-practice, Daisy is off course in her Rival Angels shirt! 09-07-2009
- Ruby - Jane has no luck showing off the map to Ruby, she has just no idea! 19-11-2009

Salt the Holly cameos/references can be found in:
- Life as told by Rutger - Lia appears for the party... though she should have had other things on her mind! 17-01-2008
- Due East - Daisy rushes in to see what has happened when Carolyn went berserk! 19-03-2008
- Crossing Death - Brick pushes his cart past Lia who's happily walking by! 26-03-2008
- The Burnhams - Daisy really seems to enjoy the action at the 100 strip Bashout at the Burnhams! 01-05-2008
- Dawnbringer - Cade has obviously taken to visit Red Velvet, and can be spotted hanging around! 01-07-2008
- How Unfortunate - Brio wonders two things... why he appeared here, and why the girl is running so fast past! 02-06-2008
- Times Like This - Bethany seems to be into Graphic novellike webcomic like Salt the Holly! 21-11-2008
- Gelotology - Little did Lia know that she would get TWO parts in the show! 06-12-2008
- Magical Misfits - As good friends, Lia and Daisy have been invited in to celebrate all 800 strip of MM! 08-12-2008
- 2nd Shift - Looks like one of the latest STH strips was great enough to come up at an art exhibition! 20-01-2009
- The Devon Legacy - Before you get to see the movie, you can enjoy the trailer for Salt the Holly the Movie! 29-01-2009
- Far Out There - Cade is dragging a crate around at the gathering... moonlightning as a porter? 06-03-2009
- Times Like This - The smile on Thomas's face is understandable for a photoshot with the Salt the Holly cast! 13-03-2009
- Magical Misfits - Daisy and Lia give their regards at the Shower.. as well as something for the kid to watch! 15-04-2009
- Rival Angels - Seems like some of the crew has turned out to witness this outgoing match! 10-06-2009
- Life & Death - Steve imagined Lia at his party for the 700 strips, and she showed up in the pool! 05-08-2009
- Gelotology - Always nice to the animals, Daisy is adopting away retired lab animals! 21-09-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Temple of a Thousand Tears - Looks like Trevor is the one real klepto around here! 08-05-2008
- Life as told by Rutger - Rutger obviously has his fun at the gallery, though not from watching paintings! 15-05-2008
- The Temple of a Thousand Tears - Trevor's worst nightmare! Surrounded by Junior Zombies! Archived locally29-10-2008
- Powerjeff - As the surfboard salesman, Jason seems to have caught the dreaded foot-in-mouth disease! 14-04-2009

Amanda Harpold & Jessica "Betajess" Riojas cameos/references:
- Ar Oh Ef El - Amanda seems to get really emotionally affected by Lilac's exclamation! 15-04-2009
- Times Like This - Amanda and Betajess dress up as Madonna and the Little Pony for the Halloween party! 29-10-2009

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