- None recorded

- Evilish - Among the spectators we find Figarro, eager for something to happen! 29-03-2006
- FAMIB - Guess also Narancs has been rounded up in the crowd waiting for the appearence! 29-03-2006
- Upperlack - Virodhi is present among the spectators to the appearence of King Hal! 29-03-2006
- No Rest For the Wicked - When King hal appeared, Princess November was there to see! 29-03-2006
- Karma Slave - Among the back of the spectators, Sinclair can be spotted! 29-03-2006
- Feet of Clay - Chayya has a seat in the front... and is scared of the King! 02-04-2006
- Hell's Knots - Among the seated spectators to the Kings arrival, Kobold has also received a place! 02-04-2006
- Swirly Mark Yume - Among the seated crowd of spectators, we also find Quill watching! 02-04-2006
- Lazarus Jewelbox - Mawae has taken a sear among the audience at the Kings appearence! 02-04-2006
- Wade Mecum - Lined up among the people listening to the king, we find Xaffythe! 02-04-2006
- The Place Inbetween - Both Sarah 1 & Sarah 2 has shown up to see and listen to the king! 02-04-2006
- WIT - Rucafell is just as shocked over the king's news as the rest of the crowd! 12-04-2006
- Be Mine - King Hal's news comes as a shock to Kouta and the rest of the audience! 12-04-2006

Saturnalia cameos/references can be found in:
- Evilish - Caret and Doyen seems to have been locked up.. and they don't like it! 20-03-2007

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