Schlock Mercenary
Schlock Mercenary

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- Sinfest - As a bonus Schlock will now borrow Beat-Poet's stage to say a haiku for his favorite weapon! 11-11-2000
- Down to Earth - Death may be a tired old metaphor, but when it comes down to earth, he exists! 26-11-2000
- Chopping Block - Butch is out for a little stroll on his way to the Haunted Hill House! 17-09-2001
- Jeremy - Even if you are a son of Frankenstein, you are allowed to take a walk like a little boy! 17-09-2001
- Diabolica - The whole cast of Diabolica have been sent to the park to get a little sunshine! 18-09-2001
- Kevin & Kell - Kevin Dewclaw is visiting the Tacobufa, but is last in line... 21-09-2001
- Sluggy Freelance - Torg and Bun Bun waits in line at the Tacobufa! 21-09-2001
- PvP Online - Skull the Troll is also on a Tacobufa run! 21-09-2001
- Down to Earth - Death appears to take an attorney down the hell! 22-09-2001
- Sinfest - Slick and Monique get a 'spiced up' meal at the future Tacobuffet! 23-09-2001
- Dragon Boy - Dragon Boy, with Zesto and Al, enjoys a nice quiet duck-killing time in the park! 23-09-2001
- Penny Arcade - The book on Penny Arcade can be found under "Classical Human Literature" in the library! 27-04-2003
- Sluggy Freelance - Looks like Sluggy Freelance Vol III has survived to the future and the library on the Tinth Ark! 27-04-2003
- Bob the Angry Flower - Yes, you don't want an Angry Flower arond, just think about Bob! 03-07-2003
- PvP Online - Wonder if named the cat "Scratch Fury" wouldn't start a rivalry? 04-07-2004
- Sinfest - There's already one Percival in webcomics, so another one would be too much! 04-07-2004
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Naming the kittten Chester? Naaah, that name is already taken! 04-07-2004
- Penny Arcade - Even a Schlock Mercenary geek can have a poster of the Fruit-Fucker hanging around! 05-08-2004
- Megatokyo - Schlock Mercenary Narration in the strips still beats Dead-Piro days...! 05-08-2004
- Sluggy Freelance - Schlock Mercenary may use narration to save time, but its better than Shirt-Guy Tom weeks! 05-08-2004
- PvP Online - Looks like we have Brent Sienna in front row... wonder if he pays up? 13-02-2005
- The Whiteboard - Wonder what Doc has done to have a boat named after the business of his? 20-10-2005
- Shortpacked - Looks like Pi knows his classic lines, and a good comic-book collection is always a must! 22-12-2007
- The Whiteboard - In the background of the bar Doc is shambling around, tending to the surplies! 27-11-2011

Schlock Mercenary cameos/references can be found in:
- Vicious Lies - While contemplating a crossover, the artist gets a Sergeant Schlock down on paper! 07-05-2001
- 1/0 - Danny is doing his best to make an impression of Sergeant Schlock! 11-08-2001
- Crudely Drawn Adventures - Okay...maybe it's time to seek other employment... in Schlock Mercenary? 24-09-2001
- Under the Lemon Tree - Watching Schlock Mercenary on TV? Naah... enter it as a mega-cameo instead! 21-06-2002
- Amazon Space Rangers - Sergeant Schlock is shambling his way through the great Scientificon! 19-10-2002
- Greystone Inn - Sergeant Schlock, bowtie and all, slithers his way along the red tape! 09-05-2003
- E Motel - Captain Schlock can be spotted in the background at the Barbeque! 27-06-2003
- The Whiteboard - Schlock Mercenary is too good to be true... that the note on the desk says! 15-07-2002
- The Whiteboard - Targon hardly bats an eye while waiting in line for the Paintball games! 01-09-2003
- The Whiteboard - Kevin comes to a party dressed up as his own clone... cheap! 29-10-2003
- Labgoats - X is for Xinchub, in the vastness of space! 12-11-2003
- Dim Bulb Comics - Schlock and Ennesby can be spotted wandering the great beyond of Vapor Lock! 25-11-2003
- Golden Age of Adventurers - Here they have The 7 Habits of Highly Effecient Pirates and Sports Lustyrated! 22-04-2004
- The Whiteboard - Doc has a certain Schlock-inspired way in dealing with cheaters in a military fashion! 10-09-2004
- Narbonic - For the Mad Scientist conference, Kevin is also present at the reception! 02-12-2004
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - In Schlock Mercenary you spread out when you talk with your hands! 20-03-2005
- Filthy Lies - The poop-shaped form of Schlock is easily spotted in the painting on the wall! 25-07-2005
- The Whiteboard - Sergeant Schlock doesn't like being stepped on, even while dressed as a pink kitty! 26-10-2005
- Get Medieval - Sir Gerard has outfitted himself for the Halloween special as Targon! 31-10-2005
- Tailsteak - No wonder Theo takes so long ordering coffee... and getting women! 12-11-2005
- Cross Time Cafe - Sergeant Schlock does his take for the "None-Cannon" storyline! 14-01-2006
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - When you time-travel, you can pick up some interesting weaponry! 13-02-2006
- AACMAW - Just because a Recap works in Schlock Mercenary, it isn't a universal good idea! 11-02-2006
- Tru-Life Adventures - When a great slimelike being tells you to clean the toilets... you run! 11-04-2006
- Weregeek - A model of the great Touch and Go can be seen on one of the shelves in the store! 13-07-2007
- Weregeek - Enesby makes a nice pin to add to the geekiest Christmas tree of all times! 24-12-2007
- Cross Time Cafe - You bet any meeting with Kevyn as attendant will soon become something special! 04-03-2008
- Girl Genius - Looks like the Schlock Mercenary in these parts have found excellent advertising space! 24-11-2008
- Magical Misfits - Legs has just gotten off the train in Shelterville, ready to join the Baby Shower! 16-03-2009
- Grin-N-Spirit - Sgt. Schlock is around the spacestation from where the blast can be seen! 17-09-2009
- Legend of Bill - Yeah, Jeeva's costume is pretty futuristiv for Gina... and the Dark Queen too! 11-01-2010
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Poor Schlock. Having to work a 2nd job AND having to learn how to make a "Proper" cup of tea! 11-02-2010
- Freefall - Whatever movie Schlock is advertising for... I just GOT to see it! 02-04-2010
- The Crossoverlord - Science and Schlock would be able to do nothing if the Space-Time Slicer was used! 18-04-2010
- CameoComic - If you need one versed in high technology, Kevyn Andreyasn is the one to contact! 21-08-2011
- The Whiteboard - This year Doc has learned something and hired a Tarbot to manage security at the party! 31-10-2011
- Imperial G.E.L.F - Sgt. Schlock Wanted? And for a 50.000 reward? I think he would complain about that...! 08-07-2012
- Help Desk - The "Hummmmm" might me nonthreatening, but don't take my words for it! 16-08-2012
- The Whiteboard - Doc's 2012 Halloween Party has Duncan dressed up as Kaff Targon! 31-10-2012
- Legend of Bill - Bill keeps reading out loutd from the magic book which sends him through the Schlockverse! 27-05-2013
- The Whiteboard - Looks like Sandy is goofing off a little on the job reading Schlock Mercenary! 15-01-2014
- Intelligent Life - This GOT to be the real Sgt. Schlock, nobody can make a Halloween costume THAT fitting! 26-10-2014
- Intelligent Life - Kevyn himself, or somebody cosplaying him, attends the same comic convention as Gwen! 09-10-2016
- The Whiteboard - Kevyn gets a beer at the Halloween Party... must have had a few, he is talking nonsense! 31-10-2016
- Grin-N-Spirit - Yes, a Strohm Plasma Gun matches with any wardrobe! 01-08-2017
- Intelligent Life - Mike has all the right reasons for his choice of webcomic character Schlock to be! 05-09-2018
- Grrl Power - A happy Schlock jumps along the Stationway, he found ice cream! 03-12-2018
- Freefall - Oh the horror! Sgt. Schlock finds no ice cream after chase! Not even a dip of Ovalkwik! 01-04-2019
- Erfworld - One of the Crap Golems bears a striking resemblance to Sergeant Schlock! Book1: Page 53
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Captain Tagon has grabbed a knife to fight it out, even though its a webcomic star gathering! Strip 340

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Nukees - Darren (Gav) Bleuel has been frozen down and thawed out in the future! 27-05-2002

Howard Tayler cameos/references:
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Oh yes, what would Howard do NEXT after the Milkyway? 07-04-2005
- Shortpacked! - At the Comic-con panel, we can also spot Howard Tayler among the Blank Labels! 22-07-2006
- The Whiteboard - So... Howard Tyler will admit the Whiteboard is the better comic? Yeah, right!! 02-01-2006
- Filthy Lies - Manning his own booth at the convention, Howard Taylor is wearing his newest schlock-shirt! 07-05-2007
- Something Positive - Howard Taylor closes his eyes to avoid the horrors of the cosplay show! 02-11-2007
- Girl Genius - Fellow nominee Howard Tayler gets a nice thank you at the Foglio's Hugo Awards! 17-08-2009
- The Devil's Panties - No card game will be a regular one as long as Howard Taylor is around to do voices! 19-08-2011

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