Sexy Losers
Sexy Losers
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- Tang's Weekly Comic - Tang and Hard exchanging characters for a short crossover = hilarious trouble! 05-07-1999

- Tang's Weekly Comic - For Diana 03 to show proof of her love... insert a quarter! 13-10-2000
- T.A Vision - Ms. Takeda is told a tale that suddenly makes familymatters really important! 16-12-2000
- Escape! - The telling of Kenta's examination, sidetracks the Doctor's train of thoughts! 03-01-2001
- Stile Sux - Looks like Stile Sux has somehow hit the headlines of the newspaper! 10-01-2001
- Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - When Nort enters tentacle-infight, Chibi Sue sure hopes its a fight! 30-09-2001
- The Adventures of Penis - Now thats a great model for a Penis! Though not what he wanted...! 08-03-2002
- Escape! - Much you can say about the Doctor, but he personally takes on the patients problems! 26-05-2002
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Goth Chick digs Blog Boy, but only as long as he is totally Emo! 26-07-2003
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Yep, Diana 03's jaws are perfect for many things... killing the mood for example! 28-12-2003
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Goth Chick and Blog Boy do have a special online relationship! 14-02-2004
- Megatokyo - So... some Megatokyo fans take their love for things Japanese a little too far! 03-10-2004

Sexy Losers cameos/references can be found in:
- FLEM - Sexy Losers aka The Thin H Line will ALWAYS have the most toilets at LOPOW! 26-10-1999
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Well, the relationship between Mrs. Shibata and her son IS interesting! 17-12-2000
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Suffering from Dry Chapped Hands must be really really hard for Mike! 04-03-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Finally Dr. Lovetalk's keen ears hear something that is too weird for her! 13-05-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Madame X is hard at work in her studio.... on her best rant ever! 02-09-2001
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Mike wins gold, silver and bronze, and Mrs. Shibata is ready to punish! 16-09-2001
- Tsunami Channel - Konstantin and Mike meet to exchange experience and shake... hands! 07-10-2003
- Tang's Weekly Comic - Well, one chase into the wrong place might lead to... a Merry Christmas from everyone!!! 28-12-2003
- Pimpette & Associates - Looks like Niche is pretty eager to escape from his "job" at Mrs. Shibata! 01-03-2004
- M. Organ Art - With Sexy Losers out of the picture, someone has to do the pervert ideas! MA content warning!23-07-2006
- M. Organ Art - Figures that the Overlords have Chie Sakamachi safely locked up under control! MA content warning!19-08-2007
- WarMageRebirth - Looks like there's someone who has gone to Touro's Friends's Profanity Course! MA content warning!22-12-2009
- Bigger Than Cheeses - It feels good to give.... really good... many times... fresh ootcome every time! Strip 351

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Exploitaion Now - Headline says Poe is arrested for Beastiality... Oh my! What a world! 10-01-2001

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