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- None recorded

Shades cameos/references can be found in:
- Pugnuggle Tales - Doug takes the sight of the descending Skyangel in full stride, wanting to hear what she says! 17-05-2008
- Dawnbringer - Stan is still hanging out at the bar, hoping to catch a last drink before closing time? 01-07-2008
- Used Books - Stanley is taking a nap while riding the bus... who can blame him? 15-02-2011

Dave "DAJB" cameos/references:
- Pugnuggle Tales - Looks like DAJB has found his way to the line in wait for the kegger at the party! 28-12-2007
- Simply Sarah - Dave is hanging quitly around at Sarah and Jane's Housewarming Party! 12-06-2010

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