- None recorded

- Blonde Marvel - For an extended chapter, Blonde Marvel has to mess with a villain of Shell! 11-02-2009
- Omega Justice - Fuku appears codenamed "Hightide", and the rest of the crew appears a strip later! 18-03-2009
- Heroes Alliance - A Teaser for Heroes Alliance that stares deep into your very soul! Gueststrip13-03-2010

Shell cameos/references can be found in:
- Chad the Fat Kid - Looks like someone has been out getting the newest comic issues of Shell! Gueststrip21-02-2009
- Hypershooter - Shell sticks his head in out of frame to enjoy the comics shenanigans! 11-07-2009
- Hypershooter - Looks like Yuriko's"teal striped underwear" has caused a red splot with Shell! 28-07-2009
- I Love Dark - Shell is one of the other comics featured on DD's main page along with I Love Dark! 03-06-2011

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