Shelterville Shuffle
Shelterville Shuffle

- None recorded

- The KAMics - Ima of the Pun Police takes April Month of the calender, promoting buns before puns! 01-04-2015
- M. Organ Art - Throckmorton P. Oodle seems to have good missing... but who is missing him? 17-09-2015

Shelterville Shuffle cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - If you are going to freak out, do so while still wearing your Shelterville Shuffle shirt! MA content warning!10-05-2015
- Married to a Transformers Fan - Bjorn, Quinn, Monroe are doing their own take on Iron Man... much more true to the original! 16-06-2016
- The KAMics - Yep, nothing to see behind the closed door... nothing but a train directly to Shelterville! 19-10-2016

Hogan's Notes:

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