And Shine Heaven Now
And Shine Heaven Now

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- Blood Knight - Helena does a review on Blood Knight... better art, awesome story... less humor but still beautiful! 06-02-2004
- The Misadventures of Okk - This time Sera's dreams also contains one certain Dead Cat Ghost! 01-01-2006
- Umlaut House Two - Looks like even H.G. Wells' space-time continuum smells of lime...! 05-03-2006
- Strange Candy - Lycidia peeks in through the plothole, but leaves again in search for the right Tokyo! 28-04-2006
- Kevin & Kell - And here we get a take on what Hellsing would have looked like in the K&K-universe! 30-07-2006
- Megatokyo - Today's sketchbook take on the Megatokyo-Meme... Sad Alucard in Snow! 03-02-2008
- Dr. McNinja - Hellsing get their blessed bullets the same way the McNinjas get them... Holy Mouthwash! Gueststrip19-03-2008
- Girl Genius - Visiting the Mad Scientist Convention in Japan, and Agatha is STILL having to catch her Clank! 05-04-2011
- Narbonic - Off course Helen would attend a Mad Scientist Convention, and she seems to enjoy it! 05-04-2011
- Axe Cop - At Otakon 2011 you could watch the epic showdown between Axe Cop and Galaxia! 07-08-2011
- Victory - Doing some Halloween cosplaying, the girls find out interesting things about Victory-costumes! 29-10-2011

And Shine Heaven Now cameos/references can be found in:
- Victory - Out for trick'n treating, Selma goes as Resesa and Victory as Alucard! 31-10-2011

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Strange Candy - The white-clothed ranting fanboy is none other than Xuanwu! 12-08-2005
- Strange Candy - Xuanwu co-hosts the commentaries of the chapter, this one with a deleted scene! 02-04-2006
- Strange Candy - Prof. Xuanwu helps wrapping up the chapter.. with lots of new ideas! 28-05-2006
- Strange Candy - One of the screaming fanboys of Yomiko is none other than Professor Xuanwu! 08-07-2006
- Strange Candy - Xuanwu gets his very own personalized fanboy! 23-07-2006
- Strange Candy - Xuanwu made Erin company all through the shenanigans of Otakon 2008! 17-08-2008
- Bloody Pages - Jumping at Schrödinger from behind, Jen hatches on to her fangirl favorite! 17-06-2009
- S.G. Valkyrie Yuuki - Kittyhawk seems speechless from the fact that they got people! 26-07-2009
- Strange Candy - At the Saturday Workshop of Otakon 2009, Xuanwu gives his own agenda of the day! 26-07-2009
- S.G. Valkyrie Yuuki - Kittyhawk really enjoyed the musical birthday dinner at Otakon 2010! 08-08-2010
- King of the Web - At Otakon 2010, KuroiTenshi had a blast at the Birthday Dinner across the street! 08-08-2010
- Strange Candy - No doubt about Xuanwu enjoying the Otakon 2010 Birthday Dinner for himself! 08-08-2010

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