Everyday Life of Sho and Kye
Everyday Life of Sho and Kye

- None recorded

- Mildly mundane - Yes, there's no doubt about Sho ending up regretting stealing Mr. Stabby! Gueststrip31-03-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - When visiting the dentist a ninja turns up, and its none other than Toshubi! 03-05-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - In Sho's big bag of swag, we find... one of Toshubi's socks! 09-08-2006
- The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver - One of Super Math Beaver's socks is to be found in the sack! 09-08-2006
- Mildly mundane - One of Kali's socks has obviously been added to the huge sack of Sho's! 09-08-2006
- Mildly mundane - Pyramid head tries out the secret ingredient for a potion... hilarity ensured! 09-11-2006

Sho and Kye cameos/references can be found in:
- Mildly mundane - Mr Stabby isn't Byakko's only play thing, she also got a Sho doll ! 08-07-2006
- Blade of Toshubi - Sho and Kye enters the dimension, with a salespitch at hand! 09-08-2006
- Mildly mundane - Sho looks all too happy to hang around in the bar area! 16-02-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - Figures that both Sho & Kye have come to celebrate Toshubi's 100 strips! 23-06-2007
- Blade of Toshubi - Again Sho and Kye pry their trade of interesting artefacts! 14-07-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- The Adventures of Super Maths Beaver - Super Math Beaver in the good hands of Sho & Kye? Noooot! 12-04-2006

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