- Multiplex - Ken and Malaya go to the movies, but Jason ends up serving past and present! Starting 20-02-2012

- It's Walky! - Someone obviously still wants to sell some Joyce Plushies! 04-03-2005
- Dinosaur Comics - Todays strip is made with the positioning and style of Dinosaur Comics! Compare! 01-04-2005
- Fans - Well, Fans DID end, but since the last storyline was drawn by David Willis...? 29-04-2005
- Rip & Teri - Rip Dustin & Teri Anthony stops by to shop for spy-tools! 09-05-2005
- Real Life - Amazingly how things drawn at a Tablet ends up being in Real Life style! 16-05-2005
- Questionable Content - Amber and Ethan visit the Coffee Shop with Dora, Marten and Faye around! 02-02-2006
- Dinosaur Comics - Copying his old April's Fool-strip and adding new text, Willis goes totally Dino! 01-04-2006
- Penny Arcade - A filthy cartoonists in disguise, a Cardboard Tupe Ninja, hangs out in the Ninja Mall! 31-08-2006
- Real Life - The Shirt Ninja pose as a real Ninja, playing a game he does not understand! 31-08-2006
- Dr. McNinja - No matter what, Dr. McNinja is counted as a real Ninja in the Ninja Mall! 31-08-2006
- Dinosaur Comics - Willis does his annuarly recycled dinocomic spoof for April's Fools Day! 01-04-2007
- Treading Ground - Nate comes to the store with a complain, and carry the same language as Mike! Gueststrip13-08-2007
- It's Walky! - For this April Fool's strip, we take a look back at the joyeous days of Roomies! 01-04-2009
- Questionable Content - Seems like the crew by mistake wandered into the QC Coffee Shop of Doom! 04-12-2009
- Questionable Content - Ethan enters a familiar, or just familiar-looking, coffeeshop! 12-03-2010
- Girls with Slingshots - Jamie and Hazel looks to be out for a cup of coffee... Hazel looks disturbed! 12-03-2010
- Fans - Shanna has gone out for a quiet cup of coffee, but her scowl has followed her! 12-03-2010
- Biff - Wonder if the coffee was too strong for Biff? Considering his eyebrows and moustache! 12-03-2010
- Something Positive - Turns out that Roz acquired a hypoallergenic kitten through the net... and Davan! 09-09-2010
- Questionable Content - Looks like there's a great sale on Anthro-PC Pintsize lookalikes on this Black Friday! 26-11-2010
- Multiplex - The cast goes to watch Transformers #3 at Multiplex... we can hope it survives! 29-06-2011
- Multiplex - A quick catch-up with the crossover with Multiplex... how's Jason and Malaya faring? 24-12-2012
- Questionable Content - Ethan once again picks up his coffee at Not-Coffee of Doom, now with Claire in line! 27-03-2013
- Questionable Content - Pizza Girl brings out to everyone... also people who are clueless! 23-06-2014

Shortpacked cameos/references can be found in:
- A Taste of Evil - Mike appeared in the filler, ready to bat through! 11-02-2005
- AaaSoC - Mike appeared to give a helping knee where it was needed! 12-02-2005
- Funny Farm - Amber obviously has to serve some weird customers 27-02-2005
- Candi - Now we know where Robin goes partying! Rave is just her style! 28-02-2005
- Coiling Spine - A run-down Shortpacked store can, with a good eye, be seen in the background! 31-05-2005
- Coiling Spine - Four arms are better than two, Apple K has dressed up as speedy Robin for Halloween! 31-10-2005
- Impy and Aevy - Robin and Ethan follow Aevy's Christmas antics against Santa with mixed feelings! 27-12-2005
- Tru-Life Adventures - Ethan, with Amber and Robin in tow, strikes during their Transformer run! 14-04-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Amber sits among the audience to the Dog-show, wearing an impish smile! 10-05-2006
- Fifteen Percent - Selling out of miniature weapons for blasting and killing? You have sale with Robin! 19-06-2006
- Emergency Exit - Astronauts may be awesome, but they cannot breathe in space like Batman! 04-07-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Aevy has a Shortpacked book on the shelves... and it isn't even out yet! 14-07-2006
- Candi - Obviously a great fan of the man, Candi has a poster of Mike hanging above her bed! 10-08-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Somebody has had their fun and made a drawing of Robin on the blackboard! 23-08-2006
- Lightbringer - Lightbringer may be a superhero, but he can't breathe in space, but Batman can! 29-09-2006
- Plugged Nickel - Harley has dressed up as Amber for Halloween... Amber in her corset! 31-10-2006
- Candi - In the background on the fair, Mike walks past as his usual cheery self! 07-12-2006
- Girl Genius - Wonder what will be stored in the Shortpacked Storagehouse... toys? 21-03-2007
- Impy & Aevy - Robin must have taken the day off from the store to be and watch the spectacle! 06-04-2007
- Evil Overlords United - Favorite characters Amber and Batman are watched by the Evil Overlords! 20-04-2007
- Impy & Aevy - Heeeeeey! It looks like the library has the very rare Shortpacked 1st edition on its shelves! 02-05-2007
- Impy & Aevy - Looks like Amber doesn't exactly feel like the right person to ask for advice! 15-10-2007
- Impy & Aevy - A poster with the major SP-Cast adorns the walls in Aevy's room! 14-12-2007
- Schlock Mercenary - Looks like Pi knows his classic lines, and a good comic-book collection is a must! 22-12-2007
- Times Like This - When Cassie meets Galasso in his younger days we find out that only the hair changes! 24-06-2008
- Dr. McNinja - Among the many ninjas at the gathering, we also spot one Mr. Ninja Rick! Gueststrip05-08-2008
- Pilli Adventure - Something tells me Galasso will stay there for quite some time... and he did! 27-02-2009
- Bad Guy High - Shortpacked... the comic where gay more or less fits on every castmember! 15-05-2009
- Evil Overlords United - Operation Galasso? Now that sounds omnious for the Mall Business! 16-06-2010
- Department 34 - Yep, lots of geek icons hanging out at Shortpacked!... just not Agent Muffy! 27-09-2010
- Girls with Slingshots - Looks like someone has dropped off an... interesting transforming tool! Gueststrip07-12-2010
- Shifter - Woot! Looks like the Typcial Countyfair has HA and Robin dolls as prizes! 14-01-2011
- Times Like This - Yep, thats one of Robin's most famous stunts... what the girl cannot achieve in a mega sugarrush!! 21-04-2011
- CameoComic - Perhaps seeing a potential for an EOU-alliance, Scale seems to keep an eye on Shortpacked! 14-06-2011
- Living With Insanity - On the Lost Shelf at the shop stands one of the exclusive Amber figurines! 31-10-2011
- Fans - Ethan and Jacob are on the full run for Rumy's havoc in town! 26-01-2012
- Arthur, King of Time and Space - Actually, I think the Historical Jesus comes out with the best trade here...! 06-08-2013
- Something Positive - The Red Car of S*P is ready to be on the prowl for stragglers when Shortpacked! ends! Gueststrip17-12-2014
- SCARRed For Life - So, Dr. Echidna is calling up a card on Robin and considering hiring her? Interesting...! 09-02-2015
- Real Life - With his artist gone missing for so long, Greg took a job in Shortpacked in the meantime! 17-11-2015
- Bigger Than Cheeses - Oh yes, Batman might be able to breathe in space... but not in the sun! Strip 608
- Questionable Content - Amber should have known better than to step into the Coffe of Doom and receive a sassing! Strip 1550

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Real Life - Greg and Elizabeth Dean visit Shortpacked to check out the toys! 13-05-2005
- HappyPure - Maggie visits Shortpacked to have a look at its speedy selection of toys! 13-05-2005
- Sheldon - Dave Kellett checks out the Shortpacked toys with glee! 13-05-2005
- Starslip Crisis - Kristofer Straub takes the show of Shortpacked toys with ease! 13-05-2005
- Melonpool - Steve Troop is quite amazed about how nifty the toys in Shortpacked are! 13-05-2005
- Gossamer Commons - Eric Burns wil gladly pay 20 $ and more to have Wednesday kiss Amber! 06-03-2006
- Wapsi Square - Paul Taylor shares the Blank Labels panel with David Willis at Comic-Con! 22-07-2006
- Schlock Mercenary - At the Comic-con panel, we can also spot Howard Tayler among the Blank Labels! 22-07-2006
- Tomodachi Forever - Brassy goes all fangirlish when she meets Mike in his newest outfit! 10-10-2006
- Tomodachi Forever - On the day David Willis proposed to Maggie, Brassy was around with the friends and family! 19-09-2008
- Something Positive - I'm not sure Randy is so thrilled about his gig at the re-opening of Shortpacked! 13-08-2009
- Lightbringer - When Linkara comes to Shortpacked to buy ninja-toys, there's only one way to treat him! 01-04-2011
- Something Positive - NOBODY would believe they will grow up to look like Randy Milholland... Randy included! 07-10-2011
- Something Positive - This year Randy Milholland is the one to assist David Willis with his Reader Mail! 23-12-2012
- HijiNKS ENSUE - Joel Watson feels betrayed by David Willis, after all he has done for him in his love! 23-12-2012
- Dinosaur Comics - If it doesn't help praying to Ryan North, nothing will! 29-12-2014

David Willis cameos/references:
- Real Life - Willis takes part in the 24 hour Marathon Comic Thing... but has time for Bawls! 11-05-2005
- Surviving Mars - David Willis, Ares-1 cop, also met his doom at the hands of Dr. Daedalus! 17-08-2005
- A Taste of Evil - Willis provide montage sequences with sound for the player's preparations! 27-01-2006
- Impy & Aevy - Looks like David Willis really has quite a fangirl in Impy! Scary...!13-02-2006
- The KAMics - "Wigii"? Guess David Willis has paid up to be among the peeping audience! 14-07-2006
- AntiBunny - The guy behind the counter is none other than David Willis, comicker extraordinare! 17-07-2008
- Real Life - Willis had no problem with Greg arriving to the con a little late! 30-07-2008
- Real Life - Well, not all David Willis' comic are about homosexuality... not in the beginning anyway! Gueststrip23-07-2009
- Femmegasm - Being interviewed about his Dinobot victory, David Wills is totally boob-stracted! 01-07-2010
- Department 34 - Well, Willis does look like Har.. Glarry Potter, and his avatar has the exact same expression! 31-12-2010
- Weregeek - David "Optimus" Willis... he is more than meets the eye in the Super Art Fight! 11-07-2011
- HijiNKS ENSUE - David Willis gets through a lot at Connecticon 2011, with both drinks and nipples! 11-07-2011
- Lit Brick - Willis is practically dead to Molly, so... no guest strips from him! 21-10-2011
- Something Positive - Yep, that little incident with David Willis we better forget... to keep our sanity! 20-02-2012
- HijiNKS ENSUE - For David Willis a Karaoke Song Book must have a butt on the cover and nothing Dr. Who! 27-02-2012
- HijiNKS ENSUE - ... and now we learn a lot more of DW's hallucinations of mind than we ever wanted to! Gueststrip12-02-2013

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