- None recorded

- Mental Link - Neecra looks very annoyed over having been waken up by Komee's blunder! 17-03-2021
- Plug In! - Pest looks out to see what caused all that noise Komee made by accident! 17-03-2021
- Cosmos - When Komee backed in the bumper wagon it was so noisy that Gene looked out the house! 17-03-2021
- Shards of the Clock - Komee's hit the wagon so hard that it caused Noah to come out to see what happened! 17-03-2021

Signals cameos/references can be found in:
- Bananas - Being pulled out of Raul's hair has been quite a shocking experience for Komee! 01-04-2021
- Breadfinder - No newly renovated bakery should be without a painting of Komee on the wall! 06-03-2021
- Zorgnox's Depository... - Komee has gone off track to witness the Feeder Queen's Cocooning with many others! 08-03-2021
- Mental Link - Chat-member 5H4Y is none other than everyone's favourite train.. Komee! 23-03-2021
- Almighty Protectors - Komee is so concentrated on the trails that she doesn't notice the interdimensional chase coming by! 21-04-2021
- Tangentville - Hege's avatar in Scimitar Online got hands! We are let the monsters challenge THIS train! 10-05-2021

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