- None recorded

- Pinky TA - A Fanart Filler shows one touch and armed Pinky TA! 14-10-2007
- Acquired Taste - Armored up in this fanart, Shea looks ready to kick some butt! 14-10-2007
- Wolf - Zoe might look at ease in this Fanart Special, but her hands are still on her scythe! 14-10-2007
- Project Mango - Magic plays as Katherine De La Rochette is ready to bring it up in this Fanart Filler! 14-10-2007

Silver Shot cameos/references can be found in:
- Project Mango - One hell of a badass fanart, showing Zera doing her job as she do best! 29-10-2007
- Locoma - Zera's Sword is a memorable item in the Locoma New Year's Card of 2008! 24-12-2007

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