Simply Sarah
Simply Sarah

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- Yu+Me - Looks like the bookstore is carrying the newest edition of Yu+Me! 16-12-2007
- Friction - Figures that one of the books Janey have been browsing through is the book of Friction! 16-12-2007
- Pugnuggle Tales - Finally it has come out, and the bookstore is carrying it... Pugnuggle Tales the Book! 16-12-2007
- Ethereal - Ethereal has finally been pulished in a hardcover edition, to be found at the bookstore! 16-12-2007
- Friction - Sorry, that closet is already taken, Cass and Lexx are in there having their fun! 28-12-2007
- Yu+Me - Oh yes, the toilets are not a safe place when controlled by Sister Mary! 29-12-2007
- Plastic - Sarah needs to catch up on her webcomics, and the first she checks is Plastic! 18-06-2008
- Blue - Sarah would really like to have a go at a webcomic... something like Blue perhaps? 18-06-2008

Simply Sarah cameos/references can be found in:
- Pugnuggle Tales - Looks like Sarah and Janey took at wrong door and ended up at the infamous Midnight Kegger! 25-11-2007
- Busty Solar - The image provided my Simply Sarah for the Top 10 got copied by Busty Solar! MA content warning!19-08-2016

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Friction - Sarah is sorry about Takara having stopped Friction... well, we all are! 18-06-2008
- Shades - Dave is hanging quitly around at Sarah and Jane's Housewarming Party! 12-06-2010
- Seven Damnations - Amber brought her very own neck-nippler along for the Housewarming Party! 12-06-2010

Sarah "Skyangel" Skye cameos/references:
- Pugnuggle Tales - Down from the sky above appears the illustrated angel of the night! Skyangel is coming down! 17-05-2008

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