Sister Claire
Sister Claire

- None recorded

- I Was Kidnapped by... - Looks like our Lesbian Pirates have gone under the seas for this heist! 26-10-2009
- Sinfest - Fuchsia and Baby Blue burst into the Valentine's photo to share the love! 14-02-2010
- Menage 3 - Both Didi and Zii shows up unsuspected to become a part of the VD photo! 14-02-2010
- Yu+Me - Fiona happily share the photobooth to make a lovefillled Valentine's Day photo! 14-02-2010
- Mysteries of the Arcana - Chrystallin soon finds out that you CAN be too many girls for a VD photo! 14-02-2010
- Girls with Slingshots - Thea sticks her head in to share a smile with everybody on Valentines Day! 14-02-2010
- Wonderella - Wonderella is the last to join up for the improvised Valentines Day group photo! 14-02-2010

Sister Claire cameos/references can be found in:
- Friends in Fire - Baines' girlfriend dressed up as "Sister Cat" actually looks... scarry! 27-10-2009
- Legend of Bill - ... I really wonder why the Dark Queen had a Sister Claire outfit in her wardrobe for Gina to try? 11-01-2010
- Go Get a Roomie - The meeting of Roomies, Nuns and Gabrielle turns out to be all about... pussies! GueststripMA content warning!29-01-2012
- Go Get a Roomie - For this peacefull filler image, Roomiw and Sister Claire gets to hang out! MA content warning!02-01-2017
- Geist Panik! - Looks like Meat has a soft spot as shown in his Sister Claire doll situated in his office! Strip 056
- NewGirl - Sister Claire has been caught in the bank in the middle of a robbery! Page 221
- Yu+Me - The gathering of nuns in the painting on the wall is none other than Sister Claire and friends! Strip #634

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