Sit & Spin
Sit & Spin

- Avalon - Alan & Corey almost get hooked by Ryan-OS... and who won, Alan or Alan? 15-03-2000

- Real Life - Greg Dean tries to impress the girl with the fact that he stars in his own comic! 21-02-2000
- Avalon - Ceilidh has also taken Humourous Illustration 102, and is immediately hit on! 21-02-2000
- Joe Average - Joe has also taken the course, and is probably wondering why? 21-02-2000
- College Roomies From Hell!!! - Mike is sound asleep in the class of Humourous Illustration 102! 21-02-2000
- Real Life - Corey and Alan pay a visit to Greg and Dave for a couple of strips! 15-05-2000
- Penny Arcade - Everything she knows she got from Penny Arcade! 31-05-2000

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