- None recorded

- Funny Farm - Mewn is a cheering spectator at the illegal cock fight! 28-12-2001
- Funny Farm - Pom is enjoying FusionD's striptease... which also brings the chase to a temporary stop! Strip #30
- FusionD - Fusion does a hawt striptease and brings the chase to its temporary stop! Strip #30

Skidrow cameos/references can be found in:
- FusionD - Are you a freak if you think Ernie is looking hot as a catgirl? Fusion thinks so! 18-03-2002
- FusionD - Ernie the Catgirl is kept in suspended animation in a tub for future study! 05-04-2002

Otaku Ohki cameos/references:
- Funny Farm - Otaku Ohki gets a hard lesson in what NOT to offer when a customer demands coffee! 27-10-2002

Hogan's Notes:

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