- None recorded

- Penny Arcade - Poor Gabe, when he realized the professor was NOT joking, he lost his mind! 06-03-2003
- PvP Online - Far to the left we just about spot Skull... gawking at the professors crude joke! 06-03-2003
- RPG World - There's not much doubt abouit it being Cherry out to the righ on the benches! 06-03-2003
- Megatokyo - Gawking over the dastardly joke, Piro is one of many shocked students! 06-03-2003
- Megatokyo - A Dead MG day is not like a Dead Piro Day... MG WILL be dead! 13-03-2003
- Megatokyo - Trapped in jail, Yuxman calls for his Rent-A-Zilla! Rented straight ouf ot Megatokyo? 09-12-2003
- Homestar Runner - It's the Teen Girl Squad title... where boobs are blown away! 27-04-2004
- RPG World - Translating RPG World can be a pain in the ass... or not, depending on your... skills! 28-09-2004

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