Small Problem
Small Problem

- None recorded

- I Hate You - Bryan and Izumi walk by during Aaron's pathetic try at getting a date! 11-09-2018
- Marked - One doesn't have to be marked to be around for when Aaron tries, in his way, to set up a date! 11-09-2018
- Blunderland - MB can be spotted in the background while Aaron tries to set up a date! 11-09-2018
- Mirror Monster - Josie seems to enjoy seeing Aaron making a fool out of himself... for posterity! 11-09-2018
- Royal - Junior Royal stops by to see Aaron making a fool out of himself! 11-09-2018
- Mellisa and Julianna - Mellisa smirks as she watches the result of Aaron's dating struggle, and Julianna walks by! 11-09-2018

Small Problems cameos/references can be found in:
- Underworld Engine - Aaron can be spotted sitting in the train's dinnerwagon, watching the other passengers! 01-02-2019
- Royal - When you need a hero to you from the curse of Tapastic, you get... Aaron! 28-05-2019

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