- None recorded

- VG Cats - Pantsman receives a pair of assless leather chaps from the folks of Snafu! 22-11-2005

Snafu cameos/references can be found in:
- Bandwich - A lot of interesting things can happen when you take a shower at Snafu Comics! 01-01-2003
- Troy's Bucket - Dave spends the time in the queue with showing his new extreme backpack to the crowd! 31-03-2003

David "Dave" Stanworth cameos/references:
- Wasted Talent - Good to see that Dave can still play the D.S after getting his eyes lazored! 13-04-2007
- Wasted Talent - Yep, that gotta be Snafu-Dave we got right there! No doubt!! 26-10-2008
- Applegeeks Lite - It doesn't take a real man to cry in front of everybody... it just takes a Dave! 08-06-2009
- Geist Panik! - There's room for everyone in the cemetary, also for David Stanworth it seems! Strip 051

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