Sore Thumbs
Sore Thumbs

- None recorded

- Wickedpowered - In this story, Wiley Schlub is Melvin very best buddy... confusing?! 01-06-2007

Sore Thumbs cameos/references can be found in:
- Real Life - Greg enters a certain gaming store, and this time HE is the one to flee in terror! Gueststrip22-04-2004
- Alice! - Yep, that sounds exactly like the game you could expect in the Video Store back then! 28-05-2004
- Menage 3 - Didi introduces Cecania to the roomies, and a double dose of bosom is served! Gueststrip30-08-2008
- Nightmare World - Cecania is the calender girl of the month for Snap-em tools! Mechanic Page 4

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