South of Sanity
South of Sanity

- None recorded

- Ultimate Science Fiction Death Squad - Yep, nobody booked them for the guest strip! Gueststrip19-07-2006
- Fandom - Dis, in the form of Amadeus, is shown how the powers of fandom could really be! 24-08-2006
- Shiny Things - One little fancy piece of fanart for Shiny Things coming up! 25-08-2006
- Hinterland - This is not madness! This is Hinterland fanart! 27-08-2006
- Error - Today featuring... one Error strip not being used for production! 28-08-2006
- Caggage - Stardusty drops in... and they all go out for cheesecake! 11-10-2006
- Locoma - So, everyone's a critic at Locoma? Well, if you put it like that...! 08-10-2007
- Bonus Stage - It's... Action Science! It's totally Bonus Stage! 05-05-2008

South of Sanity cameos/references can be found in:
- Hinterland - When his comic is put on Hiatus, Radec tries getting a temporay hob at Hinterland! 24-07-2006
- Locoma - Its almost as if Radec is scowling at the readers loooking at the New Year's Card!? 24-12-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Locoma - Locoma pays attention after one titanic one-inch punch! 19-05-2008
- Locoma - Locoma makes an appearence to talk back against the wild (and true) accutations! Gueststrip16-06-2008

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