Special Comics

This section covers a variety of comics which, due to their special setup and/or character-rooster, would be teeming with cameos... so many that it just wouldn't do counting them as with a standard comic.
Hence, the term "Special Comic" (only with regards to the Archive off course) is born and used!
... off course, should they contain cameos or references out of their "special" status, they will be moved/copied to their proper place in the Archive.

Three Cats & A Mouse (NSFW)
Follow the sexy ways and days of Gene (Gene Catlow), Catwhisker, Shirlee (The Mouse of Time) and Kat (Ki'n Kay boodle (NSFW), not all together in one place... and together.

Comic Swap
When you have two artists at hand you put them down and ask them to swap comics, producing unique and interesting results.

Cut & Paste Theater
A comic which utilizes art cutted and pasted from many different strips, creating lots of new humerous strips where characters from those comics interact.

Drunk Duck High
This comic is a mix of style and piece from various artists, put together to form Drunk Duck High, a school which happends to be inhabited almost entirely by DD characters and artists!
The comic is SUPPOSED to be filled with cameos of various DD artists and characters, and hence it would be an impossible task to record them all, hence its including in the Special Comics section.

The comic came ot be for the only reason of being the ground for the first crossover between the high-profiled heroes of Dasien and Energize.

Fright Night Special
5 artists joins up for each to take turn to draw this scary Fright Night Special featuring some of their characters together.

Keen Noir
In the lands of Keenspace, a murder has taken place... but who is the murder? And are there more to it all than meets the eye? One thing is sure, when the whole character gallery consists of cameos from various keenspace (comicgenesis) artists, things will be eerie indeed!

A standalone webcomic crossover between the characters of Life/Death and Deadpill.

When the untimely awakening of an ancient deity results in the disappearance of the world's magic users, chaos reigns and three unlikely heroes are gathered to save the world. Terry Lingal (The Errant Apprentice), Sara Beam (Phineus, Magician for Hire), Chance McGavin (The Path) must survive the perils in front of them as well as each other.

Mystery Comic Theater 3000
The comics that gives the titel-treatment to lots of different comics, commenting on their content as a chosen strip moves over the screen.

Webcomic Deathmatch
Webcomic Characters from different comics will be put up against each other in a setting fitting for a ... Webcomic Deathmatch!

Webcomics Inc High School
Characters from 4 different comics (Mikey's Life, Good Times, Everyday Heroes and Big Sandy Gilmore) attend the same High School all together, with four different artists taking turn drawing their daily days.

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