Special Crossover & Cameo Events

Blind Date 2004:
In 2004, Comixpedia hosted the Blind Date 2004 where mixed crossovers were made over the subject of dating!
For the complete list of Blind Dates, check out Blind Date Event

Crossover Wars:
In the beginning of 2007 a comic emerged, a comic featuring a bunch of villains not bend on conguering their own world as is the standard, but all the worlds of the webcomic universe!
With this the Crossover Wars became a reality as comic after comics was drawn into one epic conflict that raged for almost all of 2007 in one contrnual joined storyline.
The collected Hub of all the involved strips and comics can be found here.

Halloween Cameo Caper 2006:
In October 2006 characters from many different comics were drawn by a mystic force to the small town of Shelterville in the old Wild West of 1883. Here a series of strange events took place over the cause of the month, permanently marking and bonding a lot of these characters forever.
Such became the foundation of the annuarly Halloween Cameo Party.

Halloween Cameo Caper 2007:
Through time and space, the Halloweeb Cameo Caper was repeated again in 2007, this time in the far future on the far away planet of Dahk-Tuin with its orbiting moons, one of them being the original Disneyland! Characters gathered to once again throw a party, have some mayhem and fool around!

Keenonball Run:
What happens when you set a host of Keenspot characters to race against each other for 20 grand in their wacky vehicles? Chaos, mayhem and action is the result!
Brought to you by Curtis Berry, the race begins 01-08-2000 !

The Shmoofy Experiment:
In early 2007, David Davis launched The Shmoofy Experiment, in which the teddy bear of Shmoofy was send on a tour throughout the webcomic universe, to have cameo-appearences in a lot of comics on the way.
Davis himself have kept track of all its appereances on the above linked Hub for the whole experiment.

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