- None recorded

- Dominic Deegan - Looking for a paper-edition of Dominic Deegan was what blew Spinnerette's cover! 14-09-2011
- Krakow - Slam! Spinnerette gets a face full of centerfold Badgirl Succubus Special Kia! 07-12-2011
- Victory - Remaking a historic crossover, Spinnerette meets Victory! Gueststrip12-09-2012
- Krakow - Minerva's last challenge is none other that... Demon Secretary Guinness!? 10-03-2014
- Krakow - Looks like Tom finally found his place... as a weaponsmith in Hell! 17-03-2014
- Krakow - Here in the underworld bar, London meets Minvera and her friends... Kia and Guinness! 13-10-2014

Spinnerette cameos/references can be found in:
- At Arm's Length - Spinnerette and Sahira look up surprised as the girls burst through their apartment and dimension! 14-02-2012
- The Wotch - Atop the building, Spinnerette wonders what caused the eldritch storm hitting her dimension! 20-02-2012
- Frankenstein Superstar - Looks like Greta Gravity is up for unspeakable shenanigans in Frankensteins dream! 09-06-2012
- Grrl Power - From the look of it, Spinerette is one vigilante ARC-Light wants to bring in! 29-10-2015

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