- Jackie's Fridge - Jackie and Gin ends up in a fight between Sporkman and the Spammer! Starting 19-03-2001

- None recorded

Sporkman cameos/references can be found in:
- Exploitation Now - Sporkman is held captured by a young, female and novice arch-villain! 30-08-2000
- David and John - The party needs a hero, and his name is Sporkman! 25-10-2000
- RPG World - Sporkman looks pretty menazing and bullying as he stands in the street! 14-01-2001
- Chaos Inc. - The Spammer sees jury-duty among other villains as a pleasure! 20-01-2001
- Zortic - Sporkman is visiting the planet of Gothtropolis, planet of Superheroes! 13-04-2001
- Blotto Street - Sporkman is one of the first in line for the use of the computer for webcomic checks! WCA 05-05-2001
- The bad Boys of Computer Science - Sporkman ready to assist... unfortunately Tobor is ready to smash! 04-07-2001
- La Mouette - Sporkman is one of the primary inspirations for the strip of La Muette! 26-07-2001
- Burnt Dog Radio - When there's a need for a hero... Sporkman is ready! 20-08-2001
- Greystone Inn - Sporkman walks anxiously around, waiting for his time to go on stage for the Telethon! 28-08-2001
- FusionD - Mouth agape, Sporkman may be witnessing his first actual striptease! 12-09-2001
- Tonja Steele - The evil bandit Sporkman must play the downtrodden part in the scene! 20-09-2001
- Checkerboard Nightmare - Chex seems almost to want to disbelieve hearing Sporkman got features before he did! 03-12-2004
- Andiewear! - Sporkman adorns the wall in heroic and scary paintings! 06-05-2005
- Antihero for Hire - Just don't try to do a robbery where Sporkman happens to wait at the ATM! Gueststrip12-04-2006
- Keenfans - Showing true heroism and show-off, Sporkman is truly a Justice Squad member! 22-08-2006
- El Goonish Shive - And from out of the blue comes the savior of mankind, SPORKMAN... the puppet! 29-08-2006
- Lit Brick - NEVER argue with Sporkman's taste in books! You'll get hell! 29-09-2011
- El Goonish Shive - Elliot and Susan gets to give their first online review on Sporkman the Movie! 11-01-2013
- Spoofy Randomness - Roark teams up with Sporkman to beat Communism in the face... in a none-timeline altering way! 24-07-2014
- Spoofy Randomness - Sporkman is an ancient strip, so no wonder he has inspired SP to celebrate 10 years online! 01-09-2019

Jodie "John" Troutman cameos/references:
- Chaos Inc. - John Troutman is happy to see his sneaky plan coming into effect! 21-01-2001
- Framed - Features a "semi-hidden" congratulatory birthday message to John Troutman! 01-02-2001
- FusionD - Like his character, John is eagerly waiting the fall of the last piece of clothing! 12-09-2001
- FusionD - Seeing a naked Fusion is quite a sight for John! 19-04-2002
- FusionD - The big showdown between Fusion and the henchmen takes place outside Troutman's door! 07-05-2003
- Lost & Found - The known costumed villain, Troutman! Just he is too busy with his comics...! 09-02-2005

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