- None recorded

- None recorded

Staccato cameos/references can be found in:
- Plugged Nickel - Seems like the Round-Headed guy at Halloween has dressed up as Staccato himself! 31-10-2004
- Angels 2200 - Basketcase is being put to good use, pencil-updating the squads log! 28-12-2005
- 6:35 - Everybody wins when you play a game of Staccato's choice! 16th Strip
- Questionable Content - Looks like Cristi picked up a Staccato-shirt at the Sakura-Con of 2007! Strip 856

Shawn Handyside cameos/references:
- Spelling the Vacuum - Shawn MAY have been with Elliott Hoffman... but he also may not...! Issue 200

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