Stalag 99
Stalag 99

- None recorded

- Freefall - Sam learns the hard way that without paperwork you are booted literally from here! 21-10-2000
- Mushian - Looks like Lucia Nerezza has quite the awakening from her cryogenic suspension! 17-03-2008
- The End of Things - First Evan Li comes out of cryogenic suspension, then Ashley Carlyle a strip later! 24-03-2008
- The Atomik Age - In the future Atomikgirl is pulled out of cryogenic suspension... but misses the hunks! 27-03-2008
- AntiBunny - Finally Penny awakens, not after a couple of days, but after around 400 years! 28-03-2008

Stalag 99 cameos/references can be found in:
- Nowhere so far

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Little White Night - Yep, Mcduffies has arrived in the future... hide your panties girls! 26-03-2008

Kelly "STrRedWolf" Wolf cameos/references:
- Digital War - Together with Kisai, STrRedWolf plays with the data to bring the manufactory down! 23-05-2004
- If Then Else - Ensign STrRedWolf shows for several strips why he is handy to have around! 18-07-2005
- Alternate Delusions - StrRedWolf is one of the squadleaders who's going to do the War Game! 17-08-2006

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