Stars in Roses
Stars in Roses

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- Sunrise Blossom - Ivy has taken a chair in the cafe, happily waiting to be waitered on! 10-03-2022
- Noino: My True Name - Jade seems to have found something delicious at the cafe... Kota not as much! 10-03-2022
- Pot of Gold - Keren is eating out at the cafe and seems to have spotted someone she knows! 10-03-2022
- Ghost Junk Sickness - Trigger and Vahn has gotten a table at the cafe, now waiting for dinner to arrive! 10-03-2022
- Dys Topia - Dys is easily spotted in the cafe, happily walking around! 10-03-2022
- Star Boy - Mickey seems to have gotten something too hot at the cafe, and Darius can only watch! 10-03-2022
- Man of Your Dreams - Luna has gone out to eat for herself, visiting the cafe and checking the menu! 10-03-2022

Stars in Roses cameos/references can be found in:
- Ghost Junk Sickness - Paladin look surprised to see Vahn hauling coolant around! 25-07-2021
- Court of Roses - Paladin is almost in tears over his lack of potatoes to sell! 28-03-2022

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