- None recorded

- The KAMics - By handing over a hat (found here) to Ned, Morgan gives him a distinguishing characteristic! 20-10-2008
- Stickman and Cube - With his crowbar Morgan goes for a little "chat" with Stickman after a challenge issued! 20-10-2008
- Polkout - At Morgan's house you sing Christmas carols, so the Polkster is chased away for doing Hanukkahs! 25-12-2008
- Khan and Chase - Incoming plotdevice, falling from the sky, it's none other than... Chase! 17-03-2009
- The KAMics - It's the nature of the Trunk... suddenly its just there and you start wondering how it got there! 06-08-2009
- Stickman and Cube - Cube shows that that load of brick isn't required against Morgan, one Cube is enough! 09-09-2009
- Stick Men - Moosenugget sends his characters to celebrate Stickfodder's birthday! Gueststrip24-09-2009
- Stickman and Cube - Stickman and Cube can suggest jokes about airline food... but eating it!?! 20-01-2010
- Jonko's Picture Diary - Jonko forgot to text a strip, so Stickfodder made his own version of one of the panels! 20-06-2010

Stickfodder cameos/references can be found in:
- Go For It! - Finally it's revealed what's under Morgan's mask, and its... oh my! 22-03-2009
- Stickman and Cube - Perhaps Stickman has now learned not to challenge MORGAN to a fight? 05-08-2009
- Khan and Chase - Hitting lazyness, Morgan discovers why Khan and Chase has not updated! Gueststrip05-08-2009

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Khan and Chase - Aegnation shows up to celebrate 200 Stickfodder comics... and gets burned! 28-07-2009
- Stick Men - Moosenugget gets to do his flatliners at Stickfodders 200 comic surprise party! 28-07-2009
- Polkout - The Polkster come to congratulate with 200 strips done, but is torched instead! 28-07-2009
- Blood Martian Flowers - Mr. Lostman does guest-art for the comic... it does wonders for the readership! Gueststrip25-09-2009

Patrick "Stickfodder" Johns cameos/references:
- Stickman and Cube - Seems like one of the letters holds not only a question, but also an invitation to a fight! 18-10-2008
- The KAMics - Finally Stickfodder gets what he wants... the scarecrow's hat! 19-10-2008
- The KAMics - Stickfodder gets cake and entertainment at KAM's 1000 strip celebration! 17-07-2009
- When's Graham - Coming up the stairs in the green shirt is none other than Patrick Johns! 13-05-2010
- Polkout - Spidey brings Stickfodder in to deliver some commentary... and a clean tooth brush? GueststripMA content warning!Page #200

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