Stickman and Cube
Stickman and Cube

- Happyface Comics - Send to steal the Drunk Duch Award, the cast are replaced with Cool and Cubeman! 14-09-2009

- Stickfodder - Perhaps Stickman has now learned not to challenge MORGAN to a fight? 05-08-2009
- Interdimensional Transfer Student Erro - Erro fails at his audition to a role in the comics, not even his stare helps! 23-09-2010
- Heroic Misadventures - Captain Optimism and Captain Feminism audits for a spot in the comic... but at least no! 01-10-2010
- Ginger's Bread - Ginger audits for a role in the comic... but she has a fiery skeleton in the closet! 25-10-2010
- xkcd - For this Halloween, Stickman got his hat on as Black Hat Guy! 30-10-2011
- Order of the Stick - Actually, you could say that Cube makes a very square version of Elan this Halloween! 30-10-2011

Stickman and Cube cameos/references can be found in:
- Stickfodder - With his crowbar Morgan goes for a little "chat" with Stickman after a challenge issued! 20-10-2008
- Far Out There - Robo-Cube and The Hat doesn't really stick out this much a the Mad Scientist Fair! 06-03-2009
- Go Fot It - Cube needs more mentioning! Cube is the characters that breaks the mold! 01-05-2009
- Stickfodder - Cube shows that that load of brick isn't required against Morgan, one Cube is enough! 09-09-2009
- Stickfodder - Stickman and Cube can suggest jokes about airline food... but eating it!?! 20-01-2010

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Random Ass Friday Comics - One thing you can say about Leaderofstars... he writes epic letters! 18-10-2008
- Stickfodder - Seems like one of the letters holds not only a question, but also an invitation to a fight! 18-10-2008
- Flaming Fuzzy People - Nerd Fury gives a hole list of interesting question which are all answered! 20-10-2008
- Trillium School of the Art - Just to annoy, Celtic Minstrel has a long list of questions to Stickman and Cube! 20-10-2008

Hogan's Notes:

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