Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy

- None recorded

- Megatokyo - Dom, the loyal minion, is summoned (called) to seek out the threat to his "Master"! 15-02-2001
- Megatokyo - Stalking Dom, Ed ends up following him into a world that is waaaay out! 03-04-2001
- Homestar Runner - Sounds like they have borrowed their "System is Down"-techno from Strong Bad! 24-06-2003
- S. G. Valkyrie Yuuki - ... and Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Petra is ready! 05-12-2004
- Tsunami Channel - That arena-destroying crazy professor wasn't named Hasegawa by any chance? 15-03-2005
- Ghastly's Ghastly Comic - No thanks to Buck Cake from Mr. Smokey! 05-05-2005
- Tsunami Channel - An interesting fact is that Yamichi is actually a parody of Tsunami's Junichi! 12-05-2005
- Axe Cop - Eri-chan definitely have a liking to Axe Cop and apparently uses it for "research material"! 09-09-2010
- Axe Cop - Sorry, nothing on the TV, not evening the latest Axe Cop episode! 12-01-2012
- Megatokyo - Sad girl in snow gets even the best in this living nightmare! 19-07-2012

Strange Candy cameos/references can be found in:
- Sunday Morning Coffee - Welltanned Lycidia, Eri and Keiko is going to tell about their comic's success! 09-09-2001
- Sharing a Universe - Hoshiko and Ellie are delighted to have Elves around... so many opportunities! 29-04-2003
- Sublunary - Oliver is wearing a winged shirt very similar to one worn by Eri-Chan! 16-09-2005
- The KAMics - How in the world can THIS Strange Candy get you sick? Oh, never mind! 02-10-2005
- And Shine Heaven Now - Lycidia peeks through the plothole, but leaves again for the right Tokyo! 28-04-2006
- The KAMics - The third Valkyrie is not Petra, though she has the weapons to back her up! 17-07-2006
- The KAMics - Well, Eri wasn't his type, but it sounds like he sure wasn't hers either! 08-09-2006
- Magiversity - Keiko Hasegawa is the one managing Miss Katrinity's door and her guests! 19-02-2008
- Mindmistress - Travelling the cliche-filled dimensions, that's the Strange Candy crew! Horrible Thoughts P. 28

Emi-Chan and Xuanwu cameos/references:
- And Shine Heaven Now - The white-clothed ranting fanboy is none other than Xuanwu! 12-08-2005
- And Shine Heaven Now - Xuanwu co-hosts the commentaries, this one with a deleted scene! 02-04-2006
- And Shine Heaven Now - Prof. Xuanwu helps wrapping up the chapter.. with lots of new ideas! 28-05-2006
- And Shine Heaven Now - One of the screaming fanboys of Yomiko is none other than Prof. Xuanwu! 08-07-2006
- And Shine Heaven Now - Xuanwu gets his very own personalized fanboy! 23-07-2006
- And Shine Heaven Now - Xuanwu made Erin company all through the shenanigans of Otakon 2008! 17-08-2008
- And Shine Heaven Now - At the Saturday Workshop, Xuanwu gives his own agenda of the day! 26-07-2009
- King of the Web - Dressing as his favorite character is the route to Xuanwu's heart & friendship! 13-08-2009
- And Shine Heaven Now - No doubt about Xuanwu enjoying the Otakon 2010 Birthday Dinner for himself! 08-08-2010
- King of the Web - Xuanwu sticks his head in to see what all the Happy Hentai shenanigans is all about! 23-08-2010

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