The Suburban Jungle
The Suburban Jungle

- The Class Menagerie - The connected past of the Kingston brothers and Dover is revealed! Starting 21-01-2002

- Freefall - Louis presents a poem to honour Freefall, his favourite comic and its characters! 23-05-2001
- 21st Century Fox - It looks like it might be Jenny Curtis who is manning the control bridge! Gueststrip30-07-2002
- Freighter Tails - Tiffarella reports to her supreme commander, Admiral Mzzkiti! Gueststrip31-07-2002
- Dela the Hooda - Even though she is just passing through, Dela has to fill out lots of forms! Gueststrip06-08-2002
- Freefall - Sam is trying to sell stolen goods, and Florence is confused by the forms at customs! Gueststrip06-08-2002
- Sabrina Online - ZigZag meets Tiffarella at the airport... there's more to her than meets the eye! Gueststrip06-08-2002
- Freefall - Helix meets interesting new creatures, and Florence... makes burgers! Gueststrip13-08-2002
- Kevin & Kell - Dover seems to have done the compression of Harenet all too well! Gueststrip13-09-2003
- Freighter Tails - No tentacles come close to THIS girl unharmed! 20-09-2003
- The Class Menagerie - Tony has a beefy runin with Leona... just as the horoscope told him! 05-09-2005
- Freefall - What the...? Has Sam Starfall's specie started their own abduction service? 16-11-2005
- Kevin & Kell - The Alien Linguist is obviously checking out Kevin & Kell on one of the screens! 21-11-2005
- Jack - Yes, I think we should consider ourself lucky the Aliens didn't dress up based on Jack! 30-11-2005
- Sabrina Online - Hmm... Aliens outfittet as the characters from Sabrina definently calls for Close Contact! 30-11-2005
- NeverNever - Tiffany is set up to do a little advertising for NeverNever... WITH editorializing! 04-07-2006
- Evil Inc. - A little sketch in the sketchbook from Comic-Con shows us Dr. Haynus! Gueststrip19-08-2006
- Wapsi Square - A bikini-clad and happy Monica adorns the sketchbook from Comic-Con! Gueststrip19-08-2006
- Kevin & Kell - Tiffany seems a little uneasy about entering a show hosted by Jerry Springer-Spaniel! 17-04-2009

Suburban Jungle cameos/references can be found in:
- Joe Average - Tiffany must have been too busy modeling to pay attention to Joe's presence! 30-08-2000
- General Protection Fault - There's possibly a kid under the fur of the Tiffany Halloween costume! 01-11-2000
- Freefall - I'm sure that little rabbit would loooove to have breakfast at Tiffany's! 29-01-2001
- Blotto Street - Tiffany is featured on the back of the latest issue of Chick! 10-02-2001
- The Class Menagerie - Tiffany does not look impressed with having Biff and Mikey working at the Waterhole! 22-07-2001
- Fur Will Fly - Brad, Page and Natalie takes a day off to pay an extended visit to the Waterhole! 06-11-2002
- The Class Menagerie - Conrad have to slap himself in order to get THAT image out of his head! 20-09-2003
- The Whiteboard - Even at a Halloween party Leonard is behind the bar! 31-10-2003
- Cross Time Cafe - According to this update, the forum for Suburban Jungle should now be found another place? 06-04-2011
- Nine to Nine - The last, and thankfully censored panel, is a homage to a similar regular appearing image in SJ! 01-10-2017
- Swords and Sausages - A bunch of contributors dropping through a wormhole explains more here than it raises questions! 05-12-2017

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