Super Chibi Girl
Super Chibi Girl

- None recorded

- None recorded

Super Chibi Girl cameos/references can be found in:
- The Devon Legacy - Allison is ready to deal with the Fathum, opening a can of whoopass if need be! 22-08-2013
- The Devon Legacy - A Humanized Allison Fe'oma is in line to get away from the broken subway station! 09-04-2015
- Elmer the Eccentric - Looks like Allison is taking her time in the mall.. with quite a temper? 20-04-2015
- Consolers - Allison seems more than a bit confused over Sony and Nintendo's internal revelations! 27-09-2015
- Monstroniverse - Allison is one you will not mess with, and the upcoming arenafight will sure prove it! MA content warning!09-08-2016
- Escape Velocity - Apparently Allison, as well as many others, just HAD to come here to follow up on whats going on! 10-09-2016

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