Super Fight Fight!!!
Super Fight Fight!!!

- None recorded

- Angry D. Monkey - Yes, there's only one Ton D. Monkey, and he belongs over at Angrys! 07-07-2006

Super Fight Fight!!! cameos/references can be found in:
- Cortland - Thats one badass rabbit plushie there... but the kids will love it! 30-03-2005

Birdie appearings/references:
- Cortland - Birdie walks by the table, casting a curious glance at the heated discussion! 07-09-2004
- Angry D. Monkey - Birdie must have a hard time at the fight... no drinking obviously allowed! 25-02-2005
- Thespiphobia - With his heavy drinking, I don't think Birdie will be up for the show! 13-03-2005
- Legostar Galactica - As Darth Drunkard, Birdie has joined the first lines among the Sith! 01-06-2005
- Legostar Galactica - Birdie is around at the 3 year Anniversary party, probably looking for the bar! 25-08-2005
- Angry D. Monkey - Birdie is the little green creature that came with the army for the alcoholic! 11-01-2006

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