Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R
Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R

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- Bleach Blonde Valkyries of the Fourth Reich - Interesting that Tona seems to be on the same Ferry as our heroes? 21-12-2016
- Bounty Hunter - Tommy has taken a seat in the front row of the ferry, waiting for it to set out! 21-12-2016
- Heroes in Training - None other than Cyberpunk takes a seat next to our friends, eyeing them suspeciously! 21-12-2016
- Swordcat Princess - Kathryn asks a good question... why should they do what she says ju... oh! 30-12-2016
- Arkian - Apparently a heated battle right next to them means nothing to Kyle who'd rather watch series! 03-02-2017
- Autumn Bay - Leave it to Mercy to nonchalantly point out the facts of impending doom to the crew! 15-02-2017

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R cameos/references can be found in:
- Cryptida - in the French airport we spot Pejiba Va in the background! 17-11-2017

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