Surreal U
Surreal U

- None recorded

- Sara & David - For a couple of strips we visit Animation Hall and meet Sara & Alex! Gueststrip30-08-2002
- Sara & David - Sara and David returns to the campus, and Sara finds out the diminishing powers of 2D! 16-06-2003
- The Gods of Arr-Kelaan - Wandering the desert, Clay is offered beer and pizza by our very own Ronson! 33-06-2003
- Skirting Danger - Courtney and Clay are up for a blind day... arranged by two artists! 14-02-2004
- Neko the Kitty - As Mr. Piglswitch, Poe awakens in his new home as a familar! 14-02-2004

Surreal U cameos/references can be found in:
- The Tao of Geek - When you work with Fred on a ninja-game, experience with ninjas is good! Gueststrip15-06-2003
- The Tao of Geek - Clay runs the Supercon Whack-A-Mole, and invites in for a quick whacking game! 29-07-2003
- The Tao of Geek - Looks like the 3-feet Ninja is trying to mix with the crowd, but sticks out anyway! 02-03-2004
- Neko the Kitty - Through eldritch and arcane means, Poe gets adopted for the strip of Surreal U! 08-07-2004

Clay Barkdull cameos/references:
- Jac Strips for You - Clay learns that there are reallly nice benefits of linking to Pilya! 21-09-2009

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