Surviving Mars
Surviving Mars

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- It's Walky! - The Cheese a 'lil' Bastard'? Well, he WAS an Ares-1 cop before Dr. Daedalus killed him! 17-08-2005
- Melonpool - Well into the future we find Melonpool adds dominating the billboards city-wide! 12-09-2005
- Narbonic - Wonder which muse told Dr. Daedalus to look for inspiration in "The Complete Narbonic"? 10-02-2006
- Melonpool - I don't want to know what ideas the evil doctor could get from reading Melonpool? 10-02-2006
- Girl Genius - Ideas from "The Girl Genius Collection" are not something you will like from Dr. Daedalus! 10-02-2006
- Penny Arcade - Looks like Gabe and Tycho's legacy of gaming has survived well into the future! 01-03-2006
- Superosity - Jeff spends time watching the ceiling in the hospital... and Superosity cartoons! 04-09-2006
- The Lounge - So the evil doctor spends his time reading The Lounge comics? Interesting...! 15-08-2007

Surviving Mars cameos/references can be found in:
- Evil Overlords United - Robots running amok in another comic is really something the EO's want to see! 05-09-2007

Webcomic artist appearances/references:
- Candi - Obviously Starline was one of the Ares-1 cops killed by Dr. Daedalus over the years! 17-08-2005
- Shortpacked! - David Willis, Ares-1 cop, also met his doom at the hands of Dr. Daedalus! 17-08-2005
- Dog and Pony - Another faithful Ares-1 cop Dr. Daedalus got rid off, was Caitlin Woods! 17-08-2005
- HappyPure - Maggie also did good as an Ares-1 cop, but she too Dr. Daedalus killed! 17-08-2005
- Tomodachi Forever - Even Ares-1 cop Brassy fell by the evil machinations of Dr. Daedalus! 17-08-2005
- Gossamer Commons - So... it looks like Eric Burns' Biscuit business lasts well into the future! 08-03-2006

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