The Sword Interval
The Sword Interval

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- UndeadEd - Looks like someone has put up a wanted poster for UndeadEd... wanting him alive!? 15-06-2016
- Next Town Over - Someone has finally gotten around the put up a wanted posters for both John Henry Hunter and Vane Black! 15-06-2016
- Widdershins - Monsterhunters Extraordinarie, Harry and Sidney, are hanging out in the Wild Hunt and entertaining! 15-06-2016
- Zebra Girl - Jen is hanging out at the bar in the Wild Hunt, cloaked and resting with a cold beer! 15-06-2016
- The Last Halloween - Looks like Atlas has gotten a hand on Mona's Scythe and stored it in their vault! 22-02-2017

The Sword Interval cameos/references can be found in:
- Apocalyptic Horseplay - At the meeting of the Secret Alliance, David must keep Fall in check! 23-07-2016
- Cerintha - The comic kicks off 2020 with a badass filler fanart of dragon-bashing Fall! 06-01-2020

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