Swords are Cool
Swords are Cool

- None recorded

- Decypher - Joe Jones goes up against Elisa in the first tournament in the arena! 04-07-2004
- The Rules - One pre-fight breathanalyzer test, and Hemi was out of the competition! 11-07-2004
- Decypher - Monica and Stryker mans the Grind booth outside the arena... but having little sale! 11-07-2004
- Skunk - Damian obviously needs to have his eyes checked... the fight could end out bad! 11-07-2004
- Dim Bulb Comics - Earl is ready to fight... and he already has an attitude against his opponent! 11-07-2004
- Risen - Lord Langfordance prepares for swordfight... unfortunately his opponent goes for guns! 25-07-2004
- ORBVS - Jeff uses guns at an official swordfight... and has to beat a hasty retreat! 25-07-2004
- Feyenne - Galad is all cocky in the fight... but looses for being a gentleman! 20-09-2004
- Pimpette & Associates - Pimpette has more use of her charms and wit than a sword in the swordfight! 20-09-2004
- The Mansion of E - Haruka Sol enters the arena to face off against Rosemary Ripley! 18-10-2004

Michael "Brock" Brockway cameos/references:
- Digital War - Armed for longe-range, Brockway is ready to take part in the battle to come! 29-08-2004
- Angry D. Monkey - Brockway is in the backrow, eyeing the strange crowd around him! 25-02-2005
- Beyond Reality - Guess drunken Brock went a little too far with the last comment... poor Brock! 14-11-2005
- Reckless Youth - It takes a man to survive a prison breakout, but so far Brock manages! 13-05-2007

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