Swords and Sausages
Swords and Sausages

- None recorded

- Freefall - Florence just wanted to go for a ride, but Silver seems to want to play! 10-04-2014
- Cross Time Cafe - White Pony seems a bit surprised over Silver's sudden eager interest in his UPD! 10-04-2014
- Vicki Fox - Vicki has joined the Fictional Vixen Fight... and might get beaten up! 19-06-2015
- Freefall - Helix plays with the artificial gravity, and suddenly a lot of patrons drop through! 06-08-2017
- Savestate - It takes more than a comic crossover dropthrough of patrons to bring Kade and Nicole out of it! 06-08-2017
- The Class Menagerie - Well, it COULD be Algernon behind all the contributors dropping through the Class Menagerie...! 05-12-2017
- The Suburban Jungle - A bunch of contributors dropping through a wormhole explains more here than it raises questions! 05-12-2017
- The Whiteboard - Having a portal open and people dropping by the shop only beckons the question... who to blame! 15-07-2018
- Chivalry and Knavery - Yes Kira, portal magic might be easy, but getting gravity right... thats tricky! 15-07-2018
- Dungeons and Denizens - Min is SO not ready to see this menagerie drop by his cave in the morning! 15-07-2018
- Faux Pas - An open portal and gravity-challenged supporters dropping by is NOT normal to neither Randy and Cindy, nor Stu! 15-07-2018

Swords and Sausages cameos/references can be found in:
- M. Organ Art - A whole book of Swords and Sausages? Yep, it can be found right on the bottom shelf there! MA content warning!22-07-2013
- The Whiteboard - The telltale mane and ears of Tor shows that it IS him showing up for Paintball! 02-01-2015
- The Whiteboard - Silver is a Fox of few words, but its words that Cassiopeia can understand! 13-07-2016
- The Whiteboard - The Sheriff eyes everybody suspeciously, even at the Whiteboard 2016 Halloween party! 31-10-2016
- M. Organ Art - Al lot of good intentions will come to naught when you are faced with a naked running Silver!MA content warning!29-04-2018
- Nine to Nine - Andrea takes a look into the Wardrobe and after seeing Tor & Silver in the snow... redecides her options! 13-10-2019

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