Synthetic Life
Synthetic Life

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- Death Child - When you put together a class for advanced Biology lessons, you better include a student from Death Child! Chapter 3, Page 32
- The Strangest Coven - Looks like Lucie has decided that this biology class is just her and enrolled at the school! Chapter 3, Page 32
- Sean & Bailey - Off course Sean & Bailey would contribute with a student for the Biology Class! Chapter 3, Page 32
- Bubblegum Pops - Figures than you can't teach Advanced Biology Class without having a Bubble Gum Pops-member present! Chapter 3, Page 32
- Surge - It does look to be Clara Woodlock who is studying in the Biology Class here! Chapter 3, Page 32
- Cryptida - When you start a class in Advanced Biology, you better sign up a character from Cryptida! Chapter 3, Page 32
- I'm not your friend - Dana vixen has decided its time to study hard and has signed up for Advanced Biology! Chapter 3, Page 32

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